Tauranga Hospital Generator Upgrade

Year: 2016 - 2017
Client: BoP DHB
Location: Tauranga

Project Outline:

Thomson Group and BECA were commissioned as the DHB representative Engineer for the 2016 Hospital generator upgrade project. This $2.8 Million project was aimed at improving the life safety emergency power backup for the hospital.

The Solution:

The solution comprised a major re-configuration of the existing two (non-synchronised) generators on site and incorporating a new 1.25MVA third generator.

Thomson Group and BECA were instrumental in assisting the DHB effect the numerous changes that needed to occur to the existing backup generation system and co-ordinating a significant amount of after-hours works. The key driver being "to maintain emergency backup power capability throughout the changeover process".

The resultant outcome provides the Tauranga Hospital campus with a fully synchronised 3.2MVA of backup generation capacity utilising three generators. As it currently stands two generators are sufficient to supply full load. This provides excellent flexibility in terms of taking one generator out at a time for regular servicing.

Parties involved:

  • Concept designers - BECA

  • Main Contractor (design/build) - UGL

  • Clients Representative and partial design (Fuel transfer system) - Thomson Group.