Mobile Loading Hopper

Year: 2016
Client: ElectriServ
Location: Tauranga - Port of Tauranga

Project Outline:

Programming of a hopper that is designed for ships to unload into. Once the product is in the hopper a truck would park under the hopper for controlled filling. A main feature of the hopper was dust control when loading.

The Solution:

The Hopper unit was designed by Page Macrae, electrical installation by ElectriServ and control programming by Thomson Group Ltd. Working as a team, a hopper was designed that would allow the ships to unload into the top of them with a screen entry point. The hoppers had the ability to move around the wharf depending on where they were required. Once the trucks pulled under the hopper a chute would move down into the truck trailer and fill the truck, as the filling occurred the chute would raise according to product level in the trailer. This was done so that the dust would be minimised as much as possible. The controller used for this project was a M221 Schneider PLC with a Magelis HMI for control.


• Programming PLC M221 and Magelis HMI
• FD write up for final documentation
• Commissioning