Maxwells Rd Pump Station

Year: 2013
Client: TCC
Location: Tauranga, Maxwells Rd

Project Outline:

Maxwells Rd pumps station was installed and commissioned in 2013 to cater for the lower Bureta area stormwater events. Thomson Group undertook the electrical and controls design, including generator backup

The Solution:

In close collaboration with TCC and wet-well/hydraulic designers (GHD), Thomson Group undertook the electrical and controls (including generator backup) design, installation supervision and commissioning for the project. Due to the cost of line charges, Thomson Group also came up with the design philosophy of sizing the mains supply for only one pump running. If during significant rain events two pumps are required, the generator would then supply power to the pump station. This saved significant costs.
Paul Thomson of Thomson Group also acted as the Engineer to the Contract (3910).