BOPDHB Hospital – Fuel transfer system

Year: 2016/17
Client: BOPDHB
Location: 829 Cameron Rd, Tauranga South, Tauranga 3112

Project Outline:

The project was to design and program a system that would control and manage the fuel transfer between a 10,000l (Tank 1) and a 25,000l (Tank 2) tanks. The fuel levels in tank one had to be maintained whilst the fuel in tank 2 had to also go through a regular fuel polishing cycle. The system had to interact with the Hospitals BMS (Building management system) and send out alarming as required.

The Solution:

The solution was a fuel transfer system that was controlled by a PLC with interaction between the PLC and the BMS. A functional description was written up so that all parties involved were working from the same control philosophy. The system had a two pump configuration with one being used to transfer fuel from tank 2 to tank 1. The other pump is used for fuel polishing so that the fuel is kept clean and turned over periodically. Pump two also had the ability to be used for fuel transfer if a greater flow rate was required to transfer fuel to tank 1. E&H level transmitters were used to monitor the levels and physical high level switches installed. A leak detection system was also installed to monitor if any leaks occurred in 4 specific locations.