BOPDHB Hospital – DS Board Replacement

Year: 2017
Client: BOPDHB
Location: 829 Cameron Rd, Tauranga South, Tauranga 3112

Project Outline:

The project was to replace an existing DS board (approximately 40year old) located in the basement of Tauranga Hospital. This board was well past its life expectancy and long overdue for replacement. The supply to the new board was supplied from MSB 1 which also enable the removal of a supply from another old DS board (Central Core) within the hospital.

The Solution:

Investigating, designing, and planning the replacement of the exiting DS board with a new installation. Installing a new supply from MSB 1 to new board. The new board was installed next to the exiting board ready for swinging the local distribution and sub mains feeds. This was done so that the transfer period was as minimal as possible. Once the board was installed the existing board was removed including the old supply cables and redundant equipment in order to neaten the area up.